Michael Yang of NEPC on the Real Estate Market, Tariffs & More!

Michael Yang of NEPC sits down with Stephen Vazza on Real Estate 360 Perspective to discuss the real estate market how he sees it. 


"We might be in the 7th inning stretch," says Yang. "Outside of apartments, there's a lot of pent up demand." 

Yang dives deep into the health of the capital markets and how that directly impacts real estate as well as the health of the Boston market specifically. 

"When you look at the economic drivers for the city, there's a wide and deep diversified economy," he says. "Education, leading healthcare, leading technology & financial services. No single shock to those sectors would derail Boston."


When asked about the proposed tariffs, Yang says it might be somewhat healthy from an industry perspective. 

Liz Berthelette, Director of Research, at NAI Hunneman, on Real Estate 360


Liz Berthelette, Director of Research at NAI Hunneman, joined Stephen Vazza on this week’s episode of Real Estate 360 to talk about trends she’s seeing in the Boston market.

“As expected, the market is still hot,” says Berthelette. “Especially downtown.” 

Liz mentions how momentum has really picked up in the Back Bay. She highlights Wayfair, DraftKings and John Hancock as a strong indicator for the action in a Boston submarket like Back Bay. 



NAI Hunneman is the largest privately owned full service firm in Boston. As Director of Research, Berthelette pays particular attention to the local news media and social media to track what’s happening in the city.




Outside of Boston, Berthelette sees a cramped Cambridge life sciences and pharmaceutical  market allowing for expansion to areas like Waltham, Watertown, Bedford or Framingham.

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Check out the interview with Liz Berthelette above!

And be sure to check out Liz Berthelette’s new podcast, “Real Talk CRE,” anywhere you get your podcasts!

John Rosenthal of Meredith Management discusses Fenway Center and More with Stephen Vazza on Real Estate 360

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Last week on Real Estate 360, Stephen Vazza welcomed in well-known Boston area developer John Rosenthal of Meredith Management. John discussed the Fenway Center project that took 15 years to get underway and is now moving ahead with its first phase of construction. 

"Buildings looking into Fenway Park, it's the gateway to Boston," said Rosenthal.

Vazza and Rosenthal go into detail surrounding the changes to the Fenway and Seaport areas through the years. 

Steve Rosenthal Pic 1.jpg

"It’s really where the pebble will drop for smart growth, transit oriented development,” said Rosenthal. “Phase 2 will include a deck from Beacon Street to Brookline Ave over 8 lanes of highway.”

Vazza Invests in Cleveland, Oh

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View Project Development: One Midtown Luxury Townhomes

Many real estate developers have said that the best deals are often not the ones people see on first glance. In this video, Stephen Vazza of the Vazza Real Estate Group discusses his firm's decision to look towards Cleveland Ohio for good deals. Currently the Vazza team is building a cluster of beautiful town homes steps from the famous Cleveland Clinic. As new areas begin to grow and expand, investors and developers are quick to step in to take advantage of opportunities. The Vazza Real Estate Team has spent the last 60 years building a wide portfolio of experience within the real estate field. This episode of Real Estate Talk Boston delves into the thoughts that go into choosing a market to invest in.

Launching Real Estate 360 Productions with guest Grant Cardone.


We had a great 2017 launching our brand new podcast, Real Estate 360. Our first guest was real estate investor, coach and social media powerhouse Grant Cardone. 

Grant has a growing portfolio with investments in 8 states totaling more than $750,000,000 in transactions. 

We talked about opportunities we see in commercial real estate today, which include multifamily and self-storage. Grant sees a lot of growth potential in both areas but was adamant on staying away from the high-end of the market. 

Check out the full interview on YouTube and let us know where you see opportunity in 2018!


The Basics of Real Estate Investing


Real estate investing is the purchase, ownership, rental, or sale of land for the purpose of earning money. Areas of investment include residential, commercial, retail, self storage and industrial.

There are a few ways to make money when investing in real estate:

Interest from loans

Investors lend money to a real estate developer and earn money from interest. Debt investing provides a regular cash flow for an investor.

Asset Appreciation

Owning real estate allows the investor to earn money from the sale of that equity. The asset appreciation, or increase in value of a property over time, represents the potential profit and associated tax benefits available to an investor when that property is sold. 


Owners of a property can earn income by leasing that property. Rental income can provide a regular income stream.