Launching Real Estate 360 Productions with guest Grant Cardone.


We had a great 2017 launching our brand new podcast, Real Estate 360. Our first guest was real estate investor, coach and social media powerhouse Grant Cardone. 

Grant has a growing portfolio with investments in 8 states totaling more than $750,000,000 in transactions. 

We talked about opportunities we see in commercial real estate today, which include multifamily and self-storage. Grant sees a lot of growth potential in both areas but was adamant on staying away from the high-end of the market. 

Check out the full interview on YouTube and let us know where you see opportunity in 2018!


The Basics of Real Estate Investing


Real estate investing is the purchase, ownership, rental, or sale of land for the purpose of earning money. Areas of investment include residential, commercial, retail, self storage and industrial.

There are a few ways to make money when investing in real estate:

Interest from loans

Investors lend money to a real estate developer and earn money from interest. Debt investing provides a regular cash flow for an investor.

Asset Appreciation

Owning real estate allows the investor to earn money from the sale of that equity. The asset appreciation, or increase in value of a property over time, represents the potential profit and associated tax benefits available to an investor when that property is sold. 


Owners of a property can earn income by leasing that property. Rental income can provide a regular income stream.